From 1st April 2014, we will no longer take telephone orders for prescriptions and will only accept requests:
By hand - tick the items you need on the right-hand side of your previous prescription and put it in the prescription box in the waiting room.
By post - tick the items you need on the right-hand side of your previous prescription and send it to us.  Remember to include a stamped self address envelope if you want the prescription posted back to you or ask reception staff to arrange for your prescription to be sent to a pharmacy of your choice so you can collect your medication from there.
Or you can request repeat prescriptions online by clicking the link below.
Please give 24 hours notice of your request.
If you take the same medication regularly, ask your doctor if you can be put on the repeat dispensing system so that you can collect your medicines from a pharmacy of your choice without the need to contact the practice each time you run out.


Paracetamol for short term use can be purchased inexpensively over the counter, yet in Sheffield 347,000 prescriptions for paracetamol are issued each year, costing the NHS £1.2 million.
Please consider whether you still need to get paracetamol on prescription.
Paracetamol costs over four times as much to the NHS compared with the over the counter price.
Many patients are prescribed paracetamol regularly for long term pain management and this is a recognised therapeutic and cost effective choice, and not something we are changing.
However, providing paracetamol on prescription for short term use is not a good use of NHS resources. Therefore, GPs in Sheffield are being asked by the CCG to no longer prescribe paracetamol for short term use to adult patients.