You can book an appointment online by clicking the link below.

Appointments to see a doctor, nurse or health care asssitsant can be made by telephone during opening hours or in person at the reception desk.
Please note: each appointment is for 10 minutes and for ONE person only. You may book a double appointment if you have several problems to discuss.

You may book to see any doctor in the practice but please try to SEE THE SAME DOCTOR FOR THE SAME PROBLEM whenever possible. This means that the doctor will get a better understanding of your problem and can follow through a treatment plan with you.

If you have an urgent problem and feel you need to be seen quickly, please explain this to the receptionist.

We employ staff who are Punjabi/Urdu, Arabic and Slovak speakers who work on the front desk in rotation. Interpreters are provided by the CCG in Slovak, Urdu and Arabic every day to assist patients at the desk and in consultaions. Due to the very high demand for their time we cannot guarentee that they will be available for every contact. The Staff and Clinicians also have the use of Language Line telephone translation service when a face to face interpreter is unavailable. For complex appointments we will attempt to book a dedicated interpreter.

A nurse is available on the telephone for urgent problems or advice if you feel you cannot wait for the next routine appointment.

Reception staff will ask for a brief description of your problem to help the nurse prioritise her calls. She will usually call you back within the hour.  PLEASE KEEP YOUR TELEPHONE LINE FREE.  After speaking to you, the nurse will arrange treatment/ advice or an appointment at Page Hall if you need it.

Please make sure you arrive on time for your appointment.  Late arrivals cause delays for clinicians and other patients.  If you come late you might not be seen and may be asked to re-book for another day.
If you are unable to attend for an appointment, or do not need it anymore, please cancel it at least an hour before so that we can offer it to another patient.  This is extremely important as appointments are in great demand.

SMS Text Appointment reminders
We are able to send you a free SMS text appointment reminder to a mobile phone. Please make sure we have the correct and up to date mobile number for you.

Please be aware that we have a very strict DNA (Did Not Attend) policy.  If you fail to attend more than 3 times in one year we may ask you to find a new doctor.  Missed appointments waste valuable clinical time each week.  We ask patients to cancel their appointment at least an hour before so it can be used by another patient.